Anybody aspiring to stay competitive in the international wood processing sector requires a reliable partner who above all can boast competence. Competence does not come overnight, but can only be nurtured over many years of experience. F.W. Barth & Co. GmbH has been operating in the wood sector since 1873 and is thus one of the oldest German wood trading companies.

Over the course of its long history the company has evolved into a successful enterprise which now trades in wood of all kinds on all continents of the world.  Since 1873 generations of partners and employees have contributed their know-how, initiative and entrepreneurial expertise to help fuel this positive development. Whereas business in the early years following the establishment of the company focused on Scandinavian, Russian and North American woods, the company's field of activity soon grew to include woods from Africa, South America and Asia. The geographic expansion of these business activities powered the growth of F. W. Barth & Co. GmbH under its logo "BARTHS Hamburg" and turned it into a highly efficient trading organisation, which today is represented on all important wood markets.

The range of products spans sawn hardwoods and softwoods to veneers, plywood, garden wood and planed merchandise of all kinds and extends to garden furniture. The many years of experience residing in our innovative company benefit the staff in these specialists departments who confidently take up the challenges of an ever evolving market. F.W. Barth & Co. GmbH has been well known as a highly efficient wood trading company since its establishment in 1873 and on account of its contacts of many years standing is well acquainted with suppliers, producers and their special requirements. Barths Hamburg takes on quality checks and consulting services for customers and suppliers, provides a rapid service and up-to-date market information and is thus able to exploit new markets with attractive products.