Anigre, which is also known as Aniegré, Aningré or Longhi, belongs to a group of woods that is divided in two shades: Anigre blanc (yellowish), and Anigre rouge (salmon).


Botanical name: Aningeria robusta
Overall character: Anigre pores range from small to medium. They are spread out and the growth layers are slightly visible.
Color and structure: The heartwood of this timber has a yellowish to light red color. The color of the sapwood is visibly different.
Characteristics/features: Anigre wood is moderately hard and solid, not elastic, barely viscous and not durable. This wood is easily processable, sliceable and peelable.
Areas of use: Veneered wood for interior construction and the making of furniture. It is also used for the production of brushes and as a Walnut substitute in the plywood industry.