Kiln Drying

The wood drying company Dry Wood GmbH will be a reliable partner when it comes to conservatively dry your precious wood.

With its central location and its good transport connections to the important unloading ports Antwerp and Amsterdam, our company was founded in Papenburg in 2011 on a spacious area, offering extensive storage and logistics facilities. Specialised, in a first step, in drying of African tropical wood types such as Sapelli, Sipo and Iroko, the good capacities were also used for drying Russian soft woods, such as larch, in the course of recent years.

Owing to our long-standing experience in the wood drying field, we are able to ensure homogeneous drying quality and quick availability. Our computer controlled drying houses work with sophisticated technologies and are able to dry your wood gently such that your wood will then be able to be processed directly.

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