The light, almost white Ayous is one of the best-known kinds of imported timber from Africa. Because of its low weight and great staying power, Ayous has been used in indoor areas for decades. In Germany, Ayous also goes by other trading names, such as Obeche or Abachi. In the Ivory Coast it’s called Samba, whereas in Ghana it carries the name Wawa.


Botanical name: Triplochiton scleroxylon
Overall character: Light, airy hardwood with a porous structure. The planed surfaces have a glossy appearance.
Color and structure: The splint and heartwood are light yellow to straw-colored. The splint can have a width of up to 15 centimetres. The unclear borders of the growth zones are identified by the fine. The borders of the growth zones are blurry in most cases, and can only be identified through very fine marginal parenchyma (ground tissue) and irregular porosity.
Characteristics/features: Pursuant to DIN-EN 350-2 (German Institute for Standardization and European Norms), Ayous is classified to have a class 5 durability. It is prone to fungus and insect infestation, and thus can’t be used outdoors without protection.
Areas of use: Appropriate for areas that require good form stability and low weight and no support. The solid wood can be used for ledges, concealed frames for paneled doors, model construction, sauna benches and packaging. Ayous is especially popular for sauna and theater construction.
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