Bahia, also known as Abura to German speakers, is a reddish wood, which is considered very valuable because of it’s distinct color and quality.


Botanical name: Dalbergia decipularis
Overall character: Bahia consists of two wood types belonging to the genus Hallea, which is found in the African tropics. On moist grounds, this wood ensures stocks, so that a sustainable prvision is warranted.
Color and structure: No color difference between splint and core. Fresh, yellow and matte. Fine to medium dispersed porosity that is visible only on smooth surfaces.
Characteristics/features: The strength properties of Bahia ranges between those of Khaya and Dibetou. It’s moderately light to heavy in weight and easily processable in both its fresh and dried state.
Areas of use: Due to the fine uniform structure as well as the easy and versatile workability, Bahia can be used in many different ways. It can be used as veneer wood for interior construction, for ledges and staircases as well as for furniture construction.