The Beech makes for about 15% of the German forest area, making it the most important leaf tree of the country. Due to newer silvicultural concepts, an increase in beech wood is to be expected.


Botanical name: Fagus sylvatica
Overall character: A light, homogenous simple wood with a solid and dense surface, that is characterized by its wooden rays.
Color and structure: The sapwood has a grey-pink to yellow tint and occupies the entire cross-section of the trunk. A red core can develop over the years (starting after approximately 80 years).
Characteristics/features: Pursuant to DIN EN 350, the natural durability of the beech, including that of the red core, is poor (durability class 5), since the core materials are not encrusted in the cell walls.
Areas of use: Due to the very good strength properties, hardness and the sleek appearance, the un-cored Beech is requested for production within the uniform furniture and door industry as well as for stairs, floors and plywood peeled veneers.