Since the beginning of overseas wood imports, Cedrella has been one of the most known kinds of wood. After the introduction of African timbers, its frequent use decreased. By promoting sawn wood imports, this interest can be fuelled again.


Botanical name: Cedrela odorata
Overall character: Aromatic wood that varies in color and is visibly porous. Can resemble mahagony.
Color and structure: The sapwood is light grey or reddish grey and 3 to 5 centimetres wide. The heartwood has a pale yellowish brown to reddish brown color that darkens in the light. This slow-growing timber grows in higher areas and in areas South of the equator and generally has darker tones.
Characteristics/features: The qualities of the light Cedro wood, which is mostly found in lowlands, produce predominantly moderately light woods with strength characteristics similar to those of native pinewood.
Areas of use: Thanks to its easy workability, high fungus and insect infestation resistance and great staying power, Cedro is a very versatile wood.
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