The cherry tree belongs to the speciose botanical Prucus species from the family of Rosaceae.


Botanical name: Prunus serotina
Overall character: Reddish brown timber with a fine, even structure and a semi-matte surface.
Color and structure: The sapwood of cherry trees is white to yellow-grey with a width of 2,5 to 5 centimetres. While fresh, the heartwood is yellow or light red-brown with an occasional green hue. Under the influence of light and atmospheric oxygen it can quickly develop a golden auburn shade.
Characteristics/features: Pursuant to DIN EN 350 (unlisted), P. serotina is moderately durable (durability class 3) and P. avium is not very durable (durability class 4).
Areas of use: Cherry wood is mainly used for high-quality interior design because of its noble and decorative appearance.