Dabema is mostly found in the lower tropical rainforests in Western and Eastern Africa. It is very durable and has good staying power.


Botanical name: Piptadeniastrum africanum
Overall character: The overall character of this timber is simple and the fibre flow is uneven. Consequently, slight stripes are visible on the surface.
Color and structure: The freshly harvested heartwood has a yellow-brown color. It oxidizes and develops a darker shade of brown. The 3 to 5 centimetre wide sapwood has a light grey to light brown tint and contrasts with the heartwood.
Characteristics/features: Due to crystal deposits in the timber, conventional tools can dull quickly. It is therefore recommended to use carbide tools. Holes for nails and screws should be drilled ahead imperatively.
Areas of use: This timber can be be used for a variety of purposes. As a construction wood, it is able to withstand medium to heavy stress indoors and outdoors.
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