For decades, Doussie has been one of Africa’s most known import woods. Depending on region and distribution, the various types of the Afzelia species carry different names, such as Apa, Lingue and Papao. But only A. bipindensis is marketed as Doussie or Doussie rouge.


Botanical name: Afzelia bipindensis
Overall character: When planed, this wood has a matte sheen. The color ranges from light to dark red-brown. It is very durable and has a structured, decorative surface.
Color and structure: Depending on its age and species, this wood has a yellowish-grey sapwood that can be 3 to 10 centimetres wide and clearly different in color from the yellow to light brown heartwood (when fresh). Depending on the species, the heartwood can darken intensively.
Characteristics/features: Doussie has an extraordinary resistance to fungus and insect infestation. It has a class 1 durability according to DIN-EN 350-2 (German Institute for Standardization and European Norms).
Areas of use: Due to its good physical and mechanical qualities and high durability, Afzelia is especially suitable for outdoor construction (with and without direct ground contact), in particular for frame construction.