Framire, like the more known Limba, belongs to the same botanical species of Terminalia, but is part of another group within the species, that partly differs in characteristics.


Botanical name: Terminalia ivorensis
Overall character: Mostly light and visibly porous timber. The color resembles Limba when crosscut, and light oak when cut lenghtwise.
Color and structure: The splint is a pale yellow color and about 2 to 4 centimetres wide. The greenish-yellow heartwood is barely distinguishable when damp. It darkens and develops a light golden yellow to light brown color when exposed to light. The pores are moderately coarse and large in quantity, influencing the appearance in all cutting directions.
Characteristics/features: Moderately heavy wood with relatively good bending and compressive strength. The wood can be worked easily using all tools using little effort. Slicing and peeling are easy, barely blunting the tools.
Areas of use: Thanks to its easy workability, high weather resistance, oak-like coloring and great staying power, Framire is a very versatile wood.