Garapa is one of the few timbers with a light, warm colouring in combination with a high natural durability and mechanical strength. This wood is not available in large quantities, so its use has mostly been limited to its countries of origin.


Botanical name: Apuleia leiocarpa
Overall character: This wood has a simple and modest look. Its color and structure are usually homogenous, with a fine to medium texture and high density. It sometimes appears to have glossy stripes and other striking lighting effects.
Color and structure: Fresh heartwood starts off with a honey color that turns into a yellowish brown. The sapwood has a creme color that isn’t always easily distinguishable from the heartwood.
Characteristics/features: Resistance to wood-discoloration and wood-destroying fungi and insects is very variable, the classification of the wood ranges from highly durable to moderately durable.
Areas of use: Suitable as a construction wood for indoor and outdoor application (no ground contact) that requires a medium mechanical and biological strain. Also usable for gardening and landscaping.