This wood from West Africa resembles red oak timber (Quercus rubru) physically as well as technologically. Gombe (Bondu) grows straight and cylindrical and can reach heights of up to 25 meters with a diameter of 1,5 meters.


Botanical name: Didelotia idae
Overall character: Physically and technologically, this timber can be compared to red oak wood (Quercus rubru).
Color and structure: Gombo sapwood is reddish brown to pale brown and clearly contrasts with the heartwood. The heartwood is usually a pale reddish brown color with a green to olive tint.
Characteristics/features: Gombo (Bondu) is a straight and cylindric wood with a height of up to 25 metres for diameters of 1.5 metres.
Areas of use: Often used for veneers, plywood and fiberboards.
Sources: https://www.holzvomfach.de