This wood is also known as Pacific Coast Hemlock in North America and originally only stems from the botanical Tsuga heterophylla species, which is related to a native conifer.


Botanical name: Tsuga heterophylla
Overall character: This light colored, straight fibred coniferous wood is often fine-grained and resembles spruce timber with correlative growth ring widths.
Color and structure: The light grey to yellowish grey splint is about 2 cm wide. The heartwood has a slightly darker color, that can slowly turn a yellowish brown in the light, similar to spruce wood.
Characteristics/features: Despite a high initial moisture, artificial drying is easily done. Hemlock is among the medium heavy coniferous woods, similar to native Spruce and Pine woods.
Areas of use: Hemlock is particularly used for interior construction, where it builds the surface. These areas not only require low weight and a uniform color, but a wood structure that is not overly emphasized. Hemlock offers these qualities.
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