Among the various kinds of wood from the Tabebuia genus, woods belonging to the Lapacho group stand out because of their excellent biological, physical and mechanical characteristics.


Botanical name: Tabebuia serratifolia
Overall character: This wood has a simple and modest look. Its color and structure are usually homogenous, with a fine to medium texture and a particularly high density. The alternating spiral growth causes a glossy appearance on radial surfaces.
Color and structure: Fresh heartwood has a light brown to light yellowish-green shade that later turns dark brown to olive. It is clearly contrasts from the generally narrow, yellowish-grey sapwood.
Characteristics/features: The heartwood has a good resistance to wood-destroying fungi and termites and can be used for long term outdoor application without further care.
Areas of use: Used as construction timber in exterior construction and in port engineering for building elements that experience medium to high strain. In addition, it is used for terrace boards, mole decks, noise and sight protection walls, fence systems and for horse stalls.
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