The majority of Hymenaea timber currently available on the market originates from Brazil, which is its main habitat.


Botanical name: Hymenaea courbaril
Overall character: Copper to brownish violet colored heavy timber with a porous structure and a matt lustre finish.
Color and structure: The sapwood is about 6 to 12 cm wide, white to beige and separated from the core in color. The core is orange to reddish brown/violet-brown and can be very dark with thin veins in different intensities of color.
Characteristics/features: The natural durability of Jatobá varies depending on species and origin and has a class 1-3 (moderate to very good resistance to wood-destroying fungi) durability pursuant to DIN EN 350-2 (unlisted).
Areas of use: This wood can be used indoors as well as outdoors for carpentry of all kinds. It is applied in high-quality furniture making, flooring (especially for solid wood parquets) in industrial areas, and in the construction of stairs.
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