Jelutong is widespread in Malaysia, where it is especially popular on the island of Borneo. Transregionally, Jelutong is also known as Malaysian pencil cedar.


Botanical name: Dyera costulata
Overall character: A yellowish white wood with no visible transition from the splint to the core. It is diffuse-porous, homogenous and simple.
Color and structure: Jelutong sapwood is a pale yellow to white-grey color. The structure of the wood is homogenous and simple with medium-sized pores that are easily visible and bring about a low density of Jelutong.
Characteristics/features: Low bulk density of about 0.35 - 0.40 tons/m3. Drying is unproblematic, but there is a risk of blueness. The shape stability is good, but the timber is not durable.
Areas of use: Often used for ledges, pencils and light construction wood. But it is heavier than Balsa.