In its growth area, Kapur is a very important economically. It’s mainly used for construction and as raw material for the manufacture of peeled veneers used for plywood.


Botanical name: Dryobalanops spp.
Overall character: The color and structure of this mostly homogenous wood have a medium to coarse texture and a medium density. Resin canals (light lines) appear on its longitudinal planes and cross sections, respectively curled spots.
Color and structure: Sapwood is reddish grey to light brown and easily distinguishable from the orange to reddish brown heartwood that develops a brown color when exposed to light.
Characteristics/features: This timber has a good resistance to wood-destroying fungi and termites and is fit for long term outdoor use in temperate climates in without earth contact.
Areas of use: Used as construction timber in exterior construction for load-bearing building components of medium mechanical stress as well as in gardening and landscaping and as a peeled veneer for plywood.
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