For more than a century, this wood has been imported in large quantities from Africa (mainly the Ivory Coast). It’s look and characteristics resemble those of American mahagony.


Botanical name: Khaya anthoteca, Khaya ivorensis
Overall character: Auburn colored, simple wood that varies in color and density.
Color and structure: The splint has yellowish grey to pink-grey color and is 4 to 6 centimetres wide. When fresh, the heartwood is pale pink to light auburn, and partly undistinguishable from the splint. When dry and exposed to light, the wood darkens quickly without losing its gloss.
Characteristics/features: This timber resembles Sipo. Previously, a heavier Khaya senegalensis (dry zone Mahagony) used to get imported.
Areas of use: Thanks to its easy workability, decorative color and great staying power, Khaya is a very versatile wood. As a solid wood, it’s used for furniture, pleassure crafts, façade elements and frames.