Kotibe wood often has a mahagony color and offers good technicalfeatures. It is especially prevalent in Western Africa. In Ghana, it’s also known as Danta.


Botanical name: Nesogordonia papaverif
Overall character: A tasteful reddish timber with a homogenous structure and a smooth surface.
Color and structure: The sapwood is 3 to 6 centimetres wide and has a reddish grey to pale brown color. The heartwood is salmon-colored to reddish brown and freshly cut with a partly violet tinge, which, similar to Sapelli or Makore, fades to a brownish shade when exposed to light.
Characteristics/features: Medium weight wood with high strength properties similar to oak or Makore. It has a higher elasticity than ash. Kotibe can be treated with all kinds of tools while damp and dry.
Areas of use: Solid wood: due to its good strength properties, Danta is very versatile. It has a fine structure and fungus resistance, suitable for interior and exterior construction.
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