Until the 1990s, the native Larch tree had a rather small role for the German timber industry, when tropical woods became a larger topic, the importance of the Larch tree in garden and landscape areas has increased significantly.


Botanical name: Larix decidua
Overall character: Straight grained, decorative conifer wood with a narrow splint, as well as a distinctive coloring of the core and pronounced growth rings.
Color and structure: The pale red splint is narrow and cntrasts with the yellowish to reddish to orange-brown heartwood, which darkens strongly after light exposure.
Characteristics/features: Natural durability of the European Larch is moderately to slightly durable, whereas the Siberian Larch is durable to moderately durable and preferred for outdoor use.
Areas of use: Versatile medium load construction timber for indoor and outdoor applications. Mainly used in gardening and landscaping.