Meranti woods are among the most used timbers of South Asia. They resemble each other in structure, but differ considerably in color, strength and sometimes processing characteristics.


Botanical name: Shorea assamica
Overall character: Very evenly structured and generally porous moderately heavy wood with a slightly tinted core. This wood is similar to timbers from the White Seraya and Yellow Meranti groups.
Color and structure: Fresh sapwood is yellow-white and 4 to 6 cm wide. The heartwood is yellowish to white and only slightly different from the fresh sapwood. It develops a pale yellow to yellow-brown color once it dries and has a demi-matte finish. There is no harsh contrast between the splint and the heartwood.
Characteristics/features: The strength properties of white Meranti resemble tropical hardwoods of the same weight, e.g. African woods such as Framire and Limba.
Areas of use: White Meranti is suitable for the production of peeled, specially hauled decks and sliced veneers.