Denya or Okan hardwood resembles the well-known Bangkirai and Bongos woods in strength, durability and characteristics.


Botanical name: Cylicodiscus gabunensis
Overall character: This wood has a simple and modest look. Its color and structure are usually homogenous, with medium texture and a particularly high density. The alternating spiral growth causes a glossy appearance on radial surfaces.
Color and structure: Fresh heartwood has a yellowish to golden brown color (often with a greenish tint) that turns into a copper to reddish brown. The splint has bright reddish grey shade.
Characteristics/features: This wood is resistant to fungus and insect infestations. It is fit for long term outdoor use without additional care. It is also recommended for salt water use, e. g. as a substitute for greenheart.
Areas of use: Used as a construction wood in outdoor areas for applications that are highly strained mechanically and biologically, and that do not require special dimensional stability. Areas of use include bridges, sleepers, floating docks, bedding, ramps, and hydraulic engineering (safe only in fresh water!).
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