Following introduction of the particle board and the use of other woods, Okoume wood has lost its significance, after previously being the most notable rotary cut timber.


Botanical name: Aucoumea klaineana
Overall character: A consistently constructed and moderately coloured wood with a varied fibre flow.
Color and structure: The splint is light grey and 3 to 5 centimetres wide. The color of the heartwood varies depending on origin and age, but is mostly salmon-coloured to pink-grey with a glossy matte finish (when dry). Yellows in the light.
Characteristics/features: For all figures, a variance of ± 10% must be expected. These often depend on the habitat as well as the tree age. The timber, which is moderately light like poplar wood, can be dried using all available methods and, depending on the grain, has a satisfactory to good staying power.
Areas of use: Okoume is mainly processed as a peeled or sliced veneer for plates made out of veneers or veneer coated panels. It can also be used for veneer plates of various strengths and sizes, as well as for door panel decks and chipboards.
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