For decades, Pachyloba has been one of the most known import woods from Africa. The different kinds of timber of the Afzelia species have various names, depending on origin and spread.


Botanical name: Afzelia Pachyloba, Afzelia africana, Afzelia bella
Overall character: When planed, this wood has a matte sheen. The color ranges from light to dark red-brown. It is very durable and has a structured, decorative surface.
Color and structure: The yellowish grey splint has width of 3 to 10 centimetres depending on age and species and contrasts with the color of the heartwood, which can be yellow to light brown while fresh. Depending on species, this color can darken intensively over time.
Characteristics/features: This wood is extremely resistant to fungus and insect infestations. Durability class 1 purusant to DIN EN 350.
Areas of use: Due to the very good physical and mechanical properties and the high natural durability, Pachyloba is especially suitable for exterior construction with and without ground contact. Furthermore, it can intensively be used for parquet.