There are about 35 primary kinds of Populus woods, of which only two hybrids are relevant in Europe and North America. On the market, they are often distinguished between poplar (cottonwood) and aspen trees.


Botanical name: Populus spp.
Overall character: Soft and light, off-white or slightly reddish brown dispersed porous hardwood with a homogenous structure and a sleek look.
Color and structure: The primary poplars as well as hybrids have a light splint that clearly contrasts with the heartwood, which has a yellowish to reddish brown color. Aspenwood is entirely yellowish white.
Characteristics/features: Tear strength: u12-15: 64–76 N/mm²
Shear strength: u12-15: 5,0–7,2 N/mm²
Areas of use: Poplar wood is versatile and is currently mainly used for plywood peeled veneers, packaging (boxes, chip baskets and boxes) and matches.
Sources: https://www.holzvomfach.de