Depending on what your project requires, we are able to deliver railroad and turnout sleepers in whatever dimensions you need. We offer sleepers/ties made out of common and sessile Oak (Quercus robur und Q. petraea), as well as Beech wood (Fagus silvatica), Pine wood (Pinus silvestris) and Azobé/Bongossi wood (Lophira alata).


Botanical name: Quercus robur, Quercus petraea, Fagus silvatica, Pinus silvestris, Lophira alata
Characteristics/features: Railroad ties are produced, sorted and traded according to the requirements set by the German Institute of Standardization (DIN EN 13145), as well as the regulation guidelines of Deutsche Bahn (DBS 918 144) and the codex of the International Union of Railways (UIC-codex 863v.) and not in compliance with timber criteria.