Sipo is also marketed as Sipo mahagony or Utile. Its most important areas of origin are Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo and Central Africa.


Botanical name: Entandrophragma utile
Overall character: Auburn colored porous wood with excellent staying power and decorative surfaces against the cutting direction.
Color and structure: Medium width reddish grey sapwood. Light brownish red heartwood that darkens to a deep auburn shade as a result of drying and light exposure.
Characteristics/features: Pursuant to DIN EN 350, Sipo heartwood is part of the durability classes 2 to 3, which means it is (moderately) resistant to fungus and insects.
Areas of use: Being a decorative furnishing wood, Sipo is often used as a solid wood or as a veneer for furniture, paneling, parquet or in high-quality boat construction.