This widespreadAfrican hardwood is very heavy and durable. On the African West Coast its mostly known as Tali, whereas in Central and East Africa it’s called Missanda.


Botanical name: Erythrophleum suaveolens
Overall character: A heavy, mostly reddish brown wood with moderate porosity and irregular fibre flow.
Color and structure: The splint is light grey to light brown and 3 to 6 cm wide. The heartwood has a reddish brown to intense copper or dark red-brown color, and can have wide areas with slightly differing depth of color. Smooth surfaces with a matte gloss.
Characteristics/features: Tali is one of the heaviest lumbers and has very high mechanical strength properties, similar to those of the Asian Yellow Balau. They are only slightly lower than those of the African Azobe/Bongossi.
Areas of use: Tali can successfully be used in areas where heavy loads and weather conditions affect the wood: parquet, bedding, heavily used floors, parts of bridges, quays and pontoons. In Asia, garden furniture is also made of Tali.
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