Aside from the use of its walnuts, the walnut tree is also economically important for its wood. Its known as a precious wood because of the unique color and aesthetic grain.


Botanical name: Juglandaceae
Overall character: Theprecious wood of the real walnut tree is very high in demand, and is generally used for the production of valuable products. It usually originates from former fruit trees, because an aimed cultivation of walnut trees for the timber trade is limited.
Color and structure: Typically, the heartwood has a greyish white to reddish-white splint and a dark core. The core is very variable in color and can be grey to dark brown.
Characteristics/features: The wood is semi-ring-porous. As a result of this, the earlywood, with its larger vessels, contrasts with the small vesselled latewood. However, the contrast is not as visible as it would be on regular ring-porous wood. This gives the wood a decorative grain on its tangential sections and striping on the radial surfaces.
Areas of use: Moreover, this wood is particularly popular for the production of clock cases, musical instruments, parquet, choir stalls in sacral buildings, chess pieces and other carved and woodturned goods.
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