Officially, Wenge only includes wood of the Millettia laurentii species. It must not be confused with Panga-Panga (M. stuhlmannii), which derives from Eastern Africa.


Botanical name: Millettia laurentii
Overall character: A very decorative dark wood with patterns rich in contrast in the cutting direction.
Color and structure: The slim sapwood (2 to 5 centimetres) is light yellow to grey. The freshly cut heartwood has a light brown-yellow color that darkens to a black-brown shade under the light and creates a clear contrast with the sapwood.
Characteristics/features: The heartwood has a good resistance to wood-destroying fungi, dry wood insects and termites and is also moderately resistant to marine wood destroyers.
Areas of use: Due to the particularly decorative properties, in recent times Wengé is almost exclusively used in high-quality interior design, especially for impactful veneers, parquet, furniture, woodturning or inlay work.
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