Afrormosia - also known as Assamela - is a rare wood, resistant to ageing and weathering. It is also very resistant against fungus and insect infestations, providing ideal conditions for indoor as well as outdoor use.


Botanical name: Pericopsis elata
Overall character: Thanks to its color and shine, the fine porous surface of this wood can be very decorative. The appearance resembles teak wood.
Color and structure: The splint has a width of 2 to 3 centimetres and a white to light grey color. The yellowish brown to light olive tinted heartwood is sharply separated and the numerous dispersed pores are fine to medium-sized. However, the surface still has an even fine-porous appearance on the longitudinal plane.
Characteristics/features: Moderately heavy timber with strength properties comparable to Iroko and Afzelia. Fresh timber can be cut easily. Afrormosia has great staying power.
Areas of use: Because of its great characteristics, Afrormosia is used as a solid wood for face veneers and in indoor and outdoor areas. Thanks to the strength characteristics, it is especially suitable for spaces that are exposed to shifting weather conditions.