Iroko is an excellent construction wood that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s also known as Kambala in German-speaking countries. Iroko often substitutes Oak or Teak.


Botanical name: Milicia excelsa
Overall character: Large pored, golden brown timber. Depending on the direction of the cut, the decorative texture can be semi-specular.
Color and structure: The splint has a medium width of 5 to 10 centimetres and a yellowish white to grey color, which contrasts with the color of the heartwood that can have a varying color (yellow to dark brown) in its fresh state.
Characteristics/features: Thanks to its extractives, Iroko heartwood is highly resistant to wood-destroying fungi and insect infestation. Class 1-2 durability according to DIN EN 350. Processing and treatment are easy.
Areas of use: Thanks to its high natural durability, Iroko is very well suited for outdoor use with and without ground contact. The wood is used in gardening and landscaping, for high-quality garden furniture as well as as a construction wood for windows, doors and winter gardens. It is a very popular timber used in the parquet industry.