The Southern Yellow Pine is one of various kinds of the mountain pine, which is native to the Southeastern region of the United States.


Botanical name: Quercus petraea
Overall character: The overall appearance of this wood is mostly resin-free and resembles the Douglas fir in color and structure. The drying process of straight grained woods is simple and mostly unproblematic. The core’s fungus resistance is good, but not strong enough for outdoor use.
Color and structure: Freshly harvested heartwood is yellow-brown with a matte sheen. The 5 to 10 cm wide splint has a whitish-brown color. In Southern Yellow Pines, wooden rays are only visible on the surface. The resin channels are scattered along the longitudinal surfaces in the form of blackish-brown lines. Additionally, figured wood can be found on the side-grain of older late wood. The early wood, however, is white-brown.
Characteristics/features: This timber can easily be processed using carbide metal tools. If the resin leakage is excessive, the tools can become dull and sticky.
Areas of use: Due to the varying strength properties of the Southern Yellow Pine’s core and sapwood, it is important to clarify whether the wood is to be used outdoors or indoors.The heartwood is particularly suitable for the construction of industrial containers, decks, as structural wood for windows, doors and gates, as well as for heavily used floors. Indoors, it is often used for furniture building, flooring, profiled boards and more.