Zebrano wood looks just the way it sounds: the typical zebra pattern makes this a very exclusive and interesting material. Zebrano is also known as Zingana.


Botanical name: Microberlinia brazzavillensis
Overall character: The medium pores are dispersed and the wood has a light coloring with dark brown veins, bringing about the typical zebra look. The texture is coarse, but appears very ornamental.
Color and structure: The sapwood is usually uniformly grey, while the core has a bright golden yellow color with clear dark veins.
Characteristics/features: Zebrano wood is moderately heavy, but hard and elastic. In general, it is easy to work, but certain treatments, such as sawing can sometimes be difficult due to the characteristics of the wood.
Areas of use: Zebrano is mainly used as plywood for high-quality interior design, furniture making and vehicle equipment. The solid wood is often used for tabletops or exclusive solid wood furniture.
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